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Inspired by the award-winning Science Fiction author
Lois McMaster Bujold

Personalized and/or Embossed Photo ID Cards

Great News! I've just acquired a printer that will print directly onto plastic cards, making the photo ID's more permanent, among other things. The Horus Eye on the ImpSec card will now print in Metallic Silver and the University Logo on the Student ID will print in Metallic Gold! I will also be able to snap pictures with my digital camera and print ID's at the various conventions I attend. The low-res pictures below only hint at the quality.

Your ID comes free with a Tyvek™ sleeve to protect it in pocket or wallet, or you can get your ID punched with a slot and a free hang clip to attach it - anywhere!

Just e-mail an e-photo to steve@softwear-tnt.com (or snail mail an actual photo and we'll scan it) and indicate what name you'd like on the card (and if you want the text printed or embossed), and we'll produce a personalized plastic ID card. Choose from "Barrayaran Imperial Security", the "Siegling's Preferred Customer Card", the "Betan Express Neutronium Card", the "University of Vorbarr Sultana Student ID Card" or the dreaded "Bharaputra Labs Frequent Cloning Card". More designs will be offered soon. Please note that the embossing will be the same colors as the card background. Cards are 3 3/8 inches by 2 1/8 inches.

Only $5.00 each postpaid

To find out more about Lois McMaster Bujold and her books, click here.

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