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Inspired by the Hugo and Nebula award-winning Science Fiction author
Lois McMaster Bujold


A new Polo Shirt!

Now, you can get a "Siegling's" embroidered polo shirt. Here's a close-up of the design:

An ash-gray 100% cotton pique polo shirt embroidered in Teal and Black.

Available in Medium, Large, X-large and XX-Large for only

$30.00 plus postage



New 11/18/04

University of Vorbarr Sultana Coffee Mugs!

Large dark green ceramic mug with the University Seal (in Barrayaran Cyrillic) printed on both sides in golden yellow. In stock and ready for shipping.

Only $13.00 plus postage & handling.




6/10/2003 - Dendarii Embroidered Polo Shirts are now available in either "traditional gray" or "stealth black"

11/3/2002 - Dendarii embroidered caps have been added! In either Traditional Gray or Stealth Black, embroidered with the Dendarii logo similar to the patch. I've also added the "Great Seal of Barrayar" cloisonne pin.

New & Improved Personalized photo ID cards have been added! 3/4/2001

"Siegling's" Tote bags have been added 9/7/00 - See below!

New shiny silver ImpSec Horus Eye pins have been added 8/13/2001 - see below!

added 9/17/99 "Vorkosigan Liveried Butterbug Puppets"! to see a picture of the Butterbug Puppet click here

As of 4/30/2004, Butterbug Puppets are no longer available. The Butterbug page with pictures will still be available.

Dendarii caps!

Embroidered with a new, improved version of the Dendarii logo (the same as on our polo shirts) , these quality caps are available in either Traditional Gray or Stealth Black (for those semi-covert missions). Only $15.00 plus postage and handling. Gray cap shown below:


"The Great Seal of Barrayar"

cloisonne pin

This pin is 1 1/4 inches in diameter and features "The Great Seal of Barrayar" in blue, red and green enamel in a golden metal base. The text reads "The Great Seal of Barrayar" in Barryaran script. A butterfly-type pin on the back secures it to your civilian suit or uniform. Just the thing to subtly indicate your planet of origin. All loyal Barrayarans can wear it proudly. Only $5.00 postpaid.

ImpSec Horus Eye Pins

Available at last by special permission of Barrayaran Imperial Security!

This new version of the Horus Eye pin set is the same as our old design but has a shiny silver finish (much shinier than shown here) offset by black enamel. Pins are 1 inch wide. They have a tie-tack back with an improved locking button. Suitable for use on the collar of your Barrayaran uniform or as simple "jewelry" for those high-fashion off-planet missions. Sold in sets of two only.

Only $8.00 per set, postpaid


"Siegling's" Tote Bag

This tote bag was a big hit when introduced at the 2000 Chicago Worldcon. The script says "Siegling's" and below that it says "Vorbarr Sultana". This prestigious tote bag measures 15" by 14 1/2" inches with a 3" flat bottom. The color is "natural" beige with forest green handles. What you put in it is up to you...

Only $7.00 postpaid.

"Siegling's - Where the Vor shop"


The "Dendarii Free Mercenaries" Patch
Dendarii Patch
Each 3-color, fully embroidered patch measures 4 inches in diameter. Sew it on your jacket or your "Dendarii grays", or anywhere else you like. Good for covering those embarrassing bullet holes - er, blaster marks. "The few, the proud, the Dendarii." Only $5.00 postpaid. (No shipping charge on patches!)

Now available on a t-shirt. Click here.

The "Betan Astronomical Survey" Patch

Each 3-color, fully embroidered patch measures approximately 4" inches. Sew it on your jacket, some tan fatigues or maybe your bookbag. "To boldly go where no Betan has ever gone before." Only $5.00 postpaid. (No shipping charge on patches!)


The "Barrayaran Imperial Service" Patch

Each 4-color, fully embroidered patch measures approximately 4" inches. Sew it on your jacket, some black fatigues, your Dress Greens...anywhere. Cyrillic writing says "Barrayaran" across the top and "Imperial Service" across the bottom and "Barrayar" across the red stripe in the middle. In the center is "The Great Seal of Barrayar". Includes metallic gold thread. Only $5.00 postpaid. (No shipping charge on patches!)

Available Now! Vorkosigan Liveried Butterbug Hand Puppets!

Alas, all the Butterbugs have been eaten by Zap the Cat.

To find out more about Lois McMaster Bujold and her books, click here.

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