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NEW! Vorkosigan Liveried Butterbug puppets!

Sadly, as of 4/30/2004, the Butterbug Puppets are no longer available. I'll leave this page up for now, though, and we can all wax nostalgic.


 Vorkosigan Liveried Butterbug Puppet

(Not Actual Size)

 Lois McMaster Bujold with the original Butterbug Puppet at Dreamhaven Books

(photo by Scott Raun)

 Lois Bujold at Demicon XI with Butterbugs

(photo by Steve)


By exclusive arrangement with MPVK Enterprises, this rare butterbug has been recreated as a hand puppet. Note the Vorkosigan family seal on the back! The silver seal, with its three-stylized-triangles-and-maple-leaf design, is offset nicely by the dark brown of the wings. The puppet is designed with six "legs" so it can be worn on either hand. For the paltry sum of $25.00 (plus regular shipping and handling charges) this valuable piece of Barrayaran history can be yours!

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